Sunday, April 21, 2013

R is for Rampage

I first saw Rampage at the local Scandia arcade when I was in high school, and I remember thinking to myself I gotta play this game.  Monster movies have a long standing iconic status in our culture.  Everyone knows about King Kong, Godzilla, etc.  How could you pass up a game where you have the opportunity to be one of those monsters and do what they do best (destroying buildings, vehicles, eating people, etc.).

I also liked Rampage because it had 3 sets of controls, so all three monsters could play at the same time, in either competitive or cooperative style as the players saw fit.  I usually went to Scandia with a couple of friends, so that meant all three of us could cause monster mayhem at the same time.  The monsters could also hit each other or knock each other into enemy weapons or pools or what have you, usually with hilarious consequences.

I liked being Ralph the giant wolf the best, followed by George the killer ape and then Lizzie the huge lizard.  We usually fought over who had to be Lizzie because George and Ralph were guys, while Lizzie was a girl (stupid guy teenager logic at its finest).

Interestingly enough, getting to play the role of a traditional villain kept its appeal for me.  Later on when Super Mario Kart (and the resultant series) took off, I usually liked being Bowser rather than one of the "good guy" characters (go figure).

What did you think of Rampage?  Enjoy rooting for and being the traditional bad guy?

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  1. Rampage is one of the greatest games ever invented. Possibly it was the first arcade game I ever played. Both my sisters and my Dad would play this game. (Dad loved old monster movies, and particularly King Kong).
    I can't say enough about how much I love this game. Between getting to be a monster, to the basic gameplay goal of 'smash everything' and eating the humans - it's hard to know what was the best part.
    I actually preferred Lizzie because reptiles are cool. I did catch that when she died she turned into a girl, but I didn't really notice or mind. Oh man, what a great game.