Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Golf

Do you have some activity, craft or sport that you like to participate in even though your skill level is, shall we say, less than worthy?  It's an odd combination, as many people (myself included) would much rather do things that we are good at, as it's more fun.  For me, golf is one of those strange pastimes that I enjoy partaking in even though I know I'll never come close to becoming Tiger Woods, or his caddy, or his caddy's neighbor, or his caddy's neighbor's bartender.

I had golf one quarter in high school, where we learned swing basics and spent a lot of time using 9-irons to hit whiffle balls stuffed with TP around the grass.  At the end of the quarter, we had an opportunity to hit real golf balls, and it was fantastic being able to watch ball after ball soar high in the air and land around the distance of a football field away.

Years later I was fortunate to be able to pick up the game.  I was graciously given my first set of golf clubs by my ex-wife's (now late) grandfather, may he rest in peace.  He took me and my ex-wife's brothers out to the course and allowed us to make mistake after mistake.  The satisfaction of hitting the ball where I actually wanted it to go and seeing the ball go into the cup after a nice putt were gifts.  

As time continues to pass, I've had periods where I've played a lot more (or sometimes a lot less!) golf.  Right now I'm in one of those waning periods, even though there are several courses and ranges within easy driving (pun) distance from my house.  Golf takes time to practice and master, and it frankly does not always fit in my budget.  The desire to play never goes away.

I spend much of my time during the week indoors, giving the high tech nature of my job.  One of the most wonderful and zen-like qualities of the game of golf is the stark contrast in atmosphere, namely being outdoors. Out on the golf course, away from computers, cars and stresses, the air is calmer.  You are out among the trees, grass and water.  You hear birds chirping and sometimes see wildlife.  And when you manage to calm your mind and not be worrying about how to do your next shot, and you are able to just be, you are at peace.  And if I see you at the 19th green, I'll buy you a round.  Cheers.


  1. Russell is an avid golfer although he hasn't done it in awhile. I hope he gets to go this summer. As for me, all I can handle is mini golf. He doesn't want me to feel left out (and really it's OK if he wants to leave me at home), so he asked me to come along and shoot pics, which would also be fun.

  2. Golf is a wonderful way to become one with nature and see life as it really is. I get the same feeling when I'm in my garden. There's always something to do and my mind concentrates on the job and leaves tensions behind.