Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Shaggy

I've had the nickname Shaggy for over half of my life now (man, there's something to make one feel old figuring out the math).  People these days mostly tell me I look like Kid Rock or Jesus or that one guy from the Doobie Brothers (go figure), so where the heck did this Shaggy name come from?  Let me tell you the tale.

In October of my freshman year at UC Davis, my dorm decided to have a "mega-beard" contest.  The basic gist was for all of the guys to not shave for a month.  Then, at the end of the month, whoever has the biggest beard would win a prize; probably a new razor (lol).  I decided to participate, even though my whisker growing prowess was pretty insignificant.

October was nearly over and the Aggie Band was doing its annual (at the time) dress-up show for Halloween.  During marching practice, some people looked at the stubble on my chin and said hey, this guy kind of looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  Being a ham, I naturally went into a Shaggy impression, saying Zoinks and so forth, which went over pretty well.

Feeling inspired, I hit the local thrift stores, got me an old green shirt and brown pants.  I got an old Wheat Thins box and decorated it up to say Scooby Snacks.  Some moccasins and a little slouching walk with an occasional Zoinks thrown in and my dorm and the band decided that I was Shaggy.

My hair is longer now (hence the Kid Rock/Jesus comparisons mentioned above).  I know that someday my hair will thin out and I'll have to decide whether to do the Hulk Hogan bald on top long on the sides thing or whether I'll cut it short at that point.  Who knows?  I'm fairly confident, though, that no matter what I choose I'm going to be remaining Shaggy.  Like, how did we get here Scoob?  Zoinks!


  1. I never asked Sonnia how you came to be called Shaggy, but somehow I knew it was from Scooby Doo! lol

  2. I could have sworn you had that nickname in HS too! My memory is cloudy though.